Star Wars: Episode III: A new Episode III web documentary on the special effects in the film is now available for non-Hyperspace members!

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Though the new Star Wars trilogy is filled end-to-end with cutting edge digital filmmaking techniques and computer-generated visual effects, there are still times when you need to roll up your sleeves and do things the old fashioned way.

Special Effects are different than Visual Effects. Though both are illusions, Special Effects (SFX) happen in front of the camera, in real time during production, while Visual Effects (VFX) are done by ILM during postproduction, after shooting has wrapped.

This is a look at the world of Dave Young, Episode III Special Effects Supervisor. His effects are a different kind of high tech, using computer-controlled machinery, steam and hydraulic-powered devices, and the occasional time-tested low-tech solution to make real the unreal. With the script calling for flying sparks, choking smoke, whipping winds, churning waves, rocking speeders and tumbling corridors, Young's work is cut out for him in the final Star Wars film.