When the new teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams's upcoming sci-fi collaboration with Steven Spielberg was released last week, a web address to a new Super 8 viral site was discovered in the last few frames of that short film. The site can be viewed at Scariest Thing I Ever Saw, and it initially revealed a few small movie clues right off the bat.

People visiting the site were led to a countdown clock, which recently expired to reveal a couple of new images that are reminiscent of what J.J. Abrams did with his whole Slusho campaign in conjunction with Cloverfield. Below you will see advertisements for Rocket Poppeteers! What does this have to do with Super 8? And how will the impending Rocket Poppeteers website tie into the movie? That is anybody's guess. There is a P.O. Box address on the Rocket Poppeteers advert that points southwest of Minot, North Dakota, not too far from Minot Air Force Base (as /film has pointed out). What will happen if you send something to the address, or visit the zip code? That hasn't been discovered yet. You can check out the images from the website below, and read more about the discovery of these images on Movie Viral:

Rocket Poppeteers
Newspaper #1
Newspaper #2