Superman: A reader over at Ain't It Cool apparently gathered some high profile info about the next Superman and it's production. All below is to be taken as rumor...

It appears that they are going with the scripts JJ Abrams wrote. I got a chance to read it a few months back and I know what a pile of crap that was. I heard that they were going to change a few things around in it but from what I saw it looks like they went with the original draft. I didn't see anything about Lex Luthor so I don't know if he is still an alien in this version. RELATED: The Flash Producer Sparks Hope for a Henry Cavill Superman Cameo

The movie will still be about Superman fighting his cousin Tyzor and the battle on Krypton. There is a model of the Kent farm which looks like any other farm in Kansas. There is a model of the launch chamber where Jor-el will send Kal-el to earth. It didn't have any color to it yet so the entire model was white. The ship looks a little like the one in the Smallville show. except it has the "S" emblem on it.

There was a model of the fight scene between Superman and a kryptonian tank in the middle of Metropolis. The tank looks like a giant version of ED 209 from Robocop mixed with one of the rolling robots from the new Star Wars movies.

There were storyboards of Clark finding his Superman costume in that little Kryptonian canister in his mothers closet. He tries it on and flies around the Kent farm as Superboy right at the camera. Then the scene will change and he will be all grown up still flying at the camera.

There was also a storyboard of Superman's fight with Tyzor. Tyzors costume will be green with yellow shoulder pads and a yellow stomach plate. Tyzor will throw Superman down and he will land about five feet deep into the street. Superman then jumps out of the hole and uses his heat vision full blast on Tyzor. There was also a scene where Superman and Tyzor knock over a crane with a wrecking ball on it, and Tyzor rips the wrecking ball off of the crane by the wire and starts to beat Superman into the street with it.

Those were the only storyboards they had out at the time. There was plenty of art work of the battle on Krypton complete with green laser blasts. There was also a picture of the Kryptonian soldiers ready for battle. Remember the Ninja Turtle toys? Remember when the toys started to get out of control and they started to make Ninja Turtles dressed as football and baseball players? I think there was even one of Casey Jones dressed as a transvestite hooker. Well, remember there was one of the turtles dressed as Samurai swordsmen? This is what the Kryptonian soldiers look like except their armor is light blue.

Now this part is regarding the casting process. I stepped into a room with around 20 audition tapes and head shots scattered around the floor. Every picture fit the Superman type. All of them were unknown actors. Then I saw a bunch of pictures hanging on the back wall. All the pictures were in categories by character and all pictures were of actors and actresses cut straight out of magazines.

Under the SUPERMAN character was a lot of pictures of Abercrombie type guys and the only face I recognized was Jake Gyllenhaal.

Under LOIS LANE was Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, and Elisha Cuthbert.

Under JIMMY OLSEN was some unknown actors along with Adam Brody, and Topher Grace.

The only face under KATAZOR was Sean Penn.

TYZOR was all unknown actors.

The only face I recognized under JONATHAN KENT was Dennis Quaid.

LEX LUTHOR had pictures of Jim Carrey, Jonny Depp, Will Ferrell, and Robert Downey Jr.

The only face I knew under JOR-EL was Ben Kingsley.

It also looks like McG is attached to the project. His parking spot is right in front of the building with his name on it.

That's all the info I could gather on such a short notice since I am not allowed to be wandering the offices, but in this case I couldn't resist. I think this movie is going to really suck. They have a shitty script as well as a shitty director to go along with it. This movie is going to make Superman 4 look like Citizen Kane.