The March 2009 issue of GamePro magazine features a new look at the new film Terminator Salvation, which will hit theaters on May 22, and the new video game for the film as well. Below you can find a new image of the T-600 from the film and look below as well for a description of what other tidbits you can find in the issue on the new film.

Terminator Salvation T-600 Image
Terminator Salvation T-600 Image #2
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- Terminator Salvation's numerous menacing Terminator machines, including one that makes Arnie's model look friendly

- First details on Terminator Salvation's epic story

- The weapons used in Salvation's battle against the machines

- A guide to all the versions of the humanoid Terminator models, everything from Schwarzenegger's T-800 up till now.

- Images from both the movie and the game

- A look back at previous Terminator video games

- And more!

Terminator Salvation hits theaters nationwide on May 22.