It seems a new superhero remake might have a multiple personality disorder... in a good way. MTV recently chatted with producer Michael Uslan about the remake of The Shadow and he said that the hero might, in fact, be more than one person.

"I think the one thing going in is we all see The Shadow as more of a force of nature than a specific person in a secret identity," Uslan said. "The Shadow may actually be many people."

"We've gone back to the pulp roots, the comic book roots of The Shadow, with a dash of the radio roots," added Uslan. "But we've deeply ensconced ourselves in the world of pulps and comics."

Uslan also said that, "It's coming along great, we're very excited about it. You know, it takes time to nurture these things. You probably know all the stories. The first Batman film took me 10 years to get made."

We'll keep you posted on any developments on this new remake.