Star Wars: Episode III: Readers over at The have been doing some investigating. Seems Lucasfilm Ltd. have been snatching up domain names. Whether or not they are a hint into what Episode III will be called is undetermined, but worthy news none the less:

Sounds like Lucasfilm may just be trying to hide something. One of our sources yesterday talked about how an early draft of the script was indeed titled "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith." We thought maybe it was a joke like Jar Jar's Great Adventure on the early drafts of Attack of the Clones, but perhaps we were quick to judgement. RELATED: George Lucas Shares His Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Plans and Why It Didn't Happen

Kudos to HamSalad3000 for this follow-up report:

Called this evening. Asked the nice person (I'll keep his or her identity secret in case they can get in trouble) if was registered. I added I was on the road and couldn't look up myself.

The person said that it was. I said I was interested in purchasing the domain. The person said s/he would find out. "Actually, we own the domain," the person said.

On further inquiry about possibly purchasing the domain, s/he said s/he would inquire a bit more, since they were the one's who registered it.

The person then explained that the domain was a corporate client domain, and that corporate client had it registered/on hold through June 2004.

The name of that corporation, s/he said:


As a corporate client, the person continued to explain, Lucasfilm recieves "certain priveleges" in terms of registering and holding domain names.

This was one of those instances.

So, no friend of friend. No person from another web site said. This was my investigation.

And the investigation reveals, without a doubt, that LUCASFILM OWNS REVENGEOFTHESITH.NET.

Now, having said all that, that DOESN'T mean it is the title of Episode III. But I'd say it's in the running.