Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life:Ain't It Cool News scored 2 new pictures of Angelina Jolie riding a motorcycle and hanging out with her body double on the set of the newest chapter in the Tomb Raider movies. The pics come from The Sun in England...

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Hellraiser: Deader:Dark Horizons & Production Weekly report that a six week shoot for the 6th installment in the Hellraiser series will begin on October 21st. Here's a little about what to expect from the new movie:

The plot for the seventh feature involves "Amy Klein, a reporter for 'The London Underground', who's known for uncovering the unusual and bizarre. When a tape arrives at her office addressed to her, both she and her boss are taken aback by what they have just witnessed; a person killed and then transformed back to life. Amy is soon on her way to Bucharest to find out if people can really be brought back from the dead".

Bad Boys 2:Boca Raton News recently ran a big article for the sequel to Bad Boys. CLICK HERE

Superman: Seems the execs over at Warner Bros. are talking about their latest Superman plans. For a full article revealing what's REALLY going on with the next caped crusader flick, CLICK HERE

The Amazing Spiderman: It's official. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon will rewrite The Amazing Spider-man script, which is the sequel to last summer's blockbuster. The following is thanks to Variety and CNN:

Chabon's Pulitzer-winning "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay," which he adapted for producer Scott Rudin, is the story of an immigrant Jewish artist who partners with his Brooklyn cousin and creates comic books by drawing on their own fears and dreams to invent villains and superheroes.

Chabon also was approached by 20th Century Fox in 1996 when the studio was still seeking a writer to crack "The X-Men." Although the author wrote an impassioned letter to the studio outlining his take on the story, he ultimately wasn't selected for that project.

Star Wars: The Phantom Edit: Chris Gore has posted a hilarious article over at Filmthreat, on the 2 versions of the "fan-made-re-edit" of The Phantom Menace, known as The Phantom Edit that have been floating around out there for the past year. Check it out...CLICK HERE

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