Marvel's animated studios are getting ready to unleash their next direct-to-DVD animated film, Hulk Vs., and to get audiences ready for that, they've unloaded a new trailer. In the movie, the Hulk does battle with both Wolverine and Thor, and this trailer focuses on the fight between the Hulk and Marvel's god of Thunder. check out the trailer below.

On their website, Marvel describes the scene as follows:

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It's gods versus monsters in this epic 45 minute movie! Never have we explored the explosive power of the Hulk like we have in this new film, every major character from the Marvel Thor universe is thrust into battle with this Green Goliath as he brings a new Ragnarok down upon the realm of gods.

The aim of the new Direct-to-DVD releases is to create an experience for fans that has a bit more depth and action than what would be permitted with a Saturday morning cartoon series, yet allowing creators to take chances which would be too risky for a large-scale theatrical release.

The DVD/Blu-Ray release of Hulk Vs. will be in January 2009.