As the summertime movie extravaganza get's started today with the release of Van Helsing, the studios are ramping up promotion on all of their upcoming fests. Today, tons of new trailers as well as official websites launched. Take a look below for the latest...

Movie PictureI, Robot: Starring Will Smith, an new internet only trailer hit the web today!

CLICK HERE to take a look!Movie PictureCollateral: A new trailer for Michael Mann's latest crime thriller starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx hit the web as well today!

CLICK HERE to take a look!Movie PictureThe Bourne Supremacy: The Matt Damon starred sequel to The Bourne Identity is getting a a huge push from Universal (as you couldn't tell for the ad runs on the site). The official trailer for the sequel hit as well today!

CLICK HERE to take a look!Movie PictureThe Chronicles of Riddick: The upcoming prequel to the low budget sci-fi horror flick Pitch Black is getting a huge bump. Now that actor Vin Diesel is a bonafide movie star The Chronicles of Riddick promises to take us deeper into the world of the character that made the actor a star. A new trailer, as well a huge new official website launch for the film hit the web today as well!

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