{@IMG:6HCDyuOJD4J7D4VuDNtFQauWv0AboC|Movie [email protected]}Lord Of The Ring: The Two Towers:Empire Movies has posted a slew of new stills from The Two Towers! These are the most impressive pictures so far! Wanna see? CLICK HEREX-Men 2: Finally! Today the official X-Men 2 newsletter announced that they will be releasing the footage from Comic-Con 2002 online at 11AM PDT, 12PM Mountain, 1PM Central, and 2PM Eastern! Stay tuned to Lights Out...we'll be posting stills and the link you need to see this footage! Trust me...you'll love it!

Charlie's Angels 2: HALO: Various sites have posted stills from the Charlie's Angels sequel, HALO. CLICK HERE to see Lucy Liu doing some roping!

About Schmidt: Empire Movie also has new stills from the upcoming Jack Nicholson flick, About Schmidt! CLICK HERE to take a look!

Master & Commander: Russell Crowe's latest Master & Commander has spawned some on set photos! Nothing too exciting, but worth a look!CLICK HERE

Speaking of Russell Crowe's latest, they are now casting for certain parts for this film. Maximum Crowe has all the details. CLICK HERE

Australian International Movie Convention: Garth over at Dark Horizons has been attending the convention and has some detailed reports up of certain scenes from: Die Another Day, Red Dragon, and The Kelly Gang. CLICK HERE

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone: The official site has gotten a makeover! CLICK HERE to check it out!

Star Trek: Nemesis:Entertainment Weekly recently talked to Patrick Stewart about his role in the upcoming Star Trek movie, Nemesis:

"If this is the end of 'The Next Generation,' it’s actually a beautiful and appropriate ending,'' says Stewart, reacting to rumors (fueled by the movie’s tag line: ''A Generation’s Final Journey Begins'') that this mission will be the last for Picard and Co. ''There is complete closure on 'Next Generation' in this movie.''

CLICK HERE for the full interview!

Jackie Brown & Pulp Fiction: With the release of the 2 DVD special editions of Jackie Brown & Pulp Fiction this week, you can watch scenes from each of these movies by clicking here!

Lights Out LIVE!: We recently added some tracks from the Resident Evil Soundtrack to our streaming internet radio station! Listen to over 100 hours of movie soundtrack radio streaming 24/7 right now! CLICK HERE

Stay tuned...for a vault...of movies...~Brian