Van Helsing:Diamond Comic Distributors has released some info on their upcoming toy line based on the Hugh Jackman / Kate Beckinsale monster flick, Van Helsing, which reveals some new info about what to expect from the characters in the film.

Series 1 is scheduled to include:

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- Van Helsing with crossbow

- Dracula in human form with pygmy bats

- Frankenstein with twisting torso

- Velkan/Wolf with removable latex skin

Series 2 is scheduled to include:

- Van Helsing with large togo blade

- Dracula with flying feature

- Frankenstein with viewable gears

- Velken with transforming feature

- Dracula with retractable wings

- Anna Valerious with weapons.

Series 1 deluxe figures is scheduled to include: Van Helsing Playset with grappling hook, Dracula Playset with tomb, Frankenstein Playset with breakway ice.