House of Wax:Entertainment Tonight have posted the very first behind-the-scenes footage from the upcoming remake of House of Wax. The footage sits down with actress Paris Hilton to discuss the film's production...

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PARIS HILTON is running scared in her skivvies from some horrors down under, and there's nothing "simple" about her new creature feature, 'House of Wax'!

ET's on the Australian set with the Hollywood heiress in a creepy forest, where Paris shares all the details about her movie experience and what else she has up her couture-tailored sleeve!

'House of Wax' is a remake of the 1953 VINCENT PRICE starrer, which horror buff Paris said she loved: "I saw the first film, which was really eerie! I love horror films -- the new 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre,' 'Freddy vs. Jason,' 'Halloween.' It's a JOEL SILVER (produced) film, so I was excited when they asked me to do it."

Unlike the original, this new incarnation features Paris and teen-company as a group of friends who take a wrong turn and get stuck in an abandoned town -- with psychopaths who turn their victims into wax figures for their killer exhibit!

Paris learned there's more than meets the eye to being a "scream queen," like remote locations, long hours and scraped knees! "We're in the middle of nowhere and there's bugs everywhere -- I'm actually running through the forest in bare feet, and it hurts!"

The "Simple Life" trooper even did her own stunts -- like falling into pine cones: "I hurt my knee; it was bleeding yesterday, but it looks good, so it was worth it!"

Paris also reported that she actually has no down time in between shooting: "I'm a workaholic! If I'm not here on the set, I'm in the studio recording my album (due out at the end of this summer), writing my book (Confessions of an Heiress) -- I never have time off!"

But don't feel too bad for the sassy socialite -- this past Saturday little sis NICKY HILTON paid Paris a visit, and the two partied the night away in Melbourne!

Directed by JAUME COLLET-SERRA, 'House of Wax' also stars stunner ELISHA CUTHBERT and handsome CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY, and creeps into theaters this October 22nd!