A brand new series of web-comics based on NBC's Heroes will be appearing soon, introducing a dozen new characters from the Heroes universe - some of who might appear in the series. Frank Mastromauro, executive vice president of Aspen Comics, spoke about the new webcomics to SCI FI Wire at Wizard World Philadelphia about what we can expect from the online offerings.

"We do all the online webisodes for Heroes," Mastromauro said. "We just received a whole bunch of new mini-scripts for this [project]. Just in the last couple weeks, [artist and Aspen vice president] Peter Steigerwald designed 12 new characters for Heroes. All these characters are debuting online at NBC.com throughout the summer, and then, towards the end, characters who get the most votes [from fans] will probably wind up making it onto the show this fall."

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"We'll be doing an e-graphic novel this summer," Mastromauro continued. "And instead of just stand-alone stories, it's kind of one, big continuous story with instances and things that happen to a lot of the characters we designed. It all leads up to the new season in September."

Heroes is an epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities. The show airs Monday nights on NBC.