Digital artist BossLogic is back at it again, this time giving us an idea of what Scott Eastwood could look like as Wolverine. Hugh Jackman has recently retired from the role of Logan after portraying the character 9 times, leaving the door open for the next actor to step in and play one of the best-known Marvel characters in history. When the time does come to find a replacement for Jackman, you can guarantee that there will be a monster of a debate about who played Wolverine better that will last for decades.

Scott Eastwood was recently at New York Comic-Con for the Pacific Rim: Uprising panel and he was asked about playing a superhero during an interview with ComicBook. Without hesitation, the actor blurted out "Weapon X... I mean Logan!" Talks of Scott Eastwood taking over on the role of Wolverine have been rumbling ever since Hugh Jackman announced that he was done playing the character, mostly through fan mumblings and hypothetical wish lists. As it turns out, Eastwood is on the same page and he would love to have a chance at playing Wolverine on the big screen.

After Scott Eastwood expressed his interest in playing Wolverine, digital artist Boss Logic stepped up and created a few images of what Eastwood could possibly look like as the iconic character. The first image shows off just what Eastwood would look like in a Wolverine suit without the cowl and then another with the cowl. Both pictures show the character with the trademark cigar hanging from his mouth and it really looks like Scott Eastwood could play a convincing Wolverine on sheer looks alone.

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After the release of Logan earlier this year, X-Men movies producer Simon Kinberg revealed that Fox hasn't "even thought of the next iteration of Wolverine," while adding that Hugh Jackman will have a say as to who steps into his shadow. Though there isn't any talk of a new Wolverine movie just yet, Fox does have 3 X-Men-related projects on the horizon that could very well see the return of Logan with a new actor. Out of the 3 projects, Drew Goddard's X-Force seems like the most logical place to reintroduce the character, which is a Black Ops take on the X-Men.

Scott Eastwood has been in David Ayer's Fury as well as co-starring in the Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Longest Ride. Eastwood has never played a superhero before, but he has had supporting roles in the DCEU's Suicide Squad as well as last year's The Fate of the Furious and is all set to star alongside John Boyega (The Last Jedi) in the upcoming Pacific Rim: Uprising. While nothing is concrete at this time, it is the perfect time for fans to start the great debate of who should play Wolverine next. As previously mentioned, there have been talks amongst fans about Scott Eastwood jumping in, so who knows? It could be a good fit after all. In the meantime, you can check out the images of Scott Eastwood as Wolverine below, courtesy of Boss Logic's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick