Thanks to ArrowInTheHead, some of the plot details for FOX's The X-Files 2 have landed on the web. The sequel reunites David Duchovny who will reprise his role of Special Agent Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson is as Special Agent Dana Scully. Here is a tidbit of the plot details:

The first few pages take place in a medical facility, where a doctor ("Donarra") is seen by two FBI agents (named "Plummer" and "Darby" - who are, in all likelihood, MULDER AND SCULLY) conducting a strange procedure with a female patient (she sits on an examination table with her legs in stirrups). They interrogate him in a room filled with "jars of deformed fetuses," where it's revealed that most of Donorra's life's work has been destroyed, and a colleague named Lee is missing. One of the agents accuses Donorra and Lee of impregnating women with non-human embryos - furthermore he theorizes that Donorra destroyed his own "life's work" to cover up the allegations. After the agents are satisfied that they've suitably worked Donorra up, they leave. RELATED: Marvel Fans Want Jimmy Woo & Darcy to Get an X-Files Style MCU Series on Disney+

We then cut to a scene with Donorra and a female patient named Vanessa. Donorra asks why Vanessa has refused to take her medication, which is necessary to control her violent behavior. Vanessa responds that she doesn't like the way it makes her feel, then remarks that "they are coming again" to take her away to "the place." Donorra assures her that no one is coming and he gives her a shot to help her sleep. Her last words are "No one can stop them."

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The popular series ran on Fox from 1993 to 2002. Chris Carter will direct The X-Files 2 which hits theaters on June 19, 1998.