The Hollywood North Insider has dropped a bit of interesting news about the upcoming The X-Files 2 film that is currently shooting. They state:

"Sources close to the "The X-Files 2" production have informed us that extras are being told that they are playing 'Newfies' i.e from Newfoundland and are being asked to bring swimsuits for a particular scene being shot on a reservation in Mount Currie (which does not have a pool.) It is likely that since pre production started well before principal photography that FOX had a tank built for the scene. Duchovny, Anderson and Xzibit have all been spotted on set."

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X-Files News has unveiled a couple of photos from the film, including casting information:

- Billy Connelly is Father Joe

- Amanda Peet is Assistant Special Agent in Charge

- Xzibit is Agent Drummy

- The character Monica is being played by the waitress in The Post-Modern Prometheus

- Steve Kiziak is back as David Duchovny's stand-in (stunt double)

- Mr. Bobby Wingood is a reference to actor David Duchovny (fake name)

- Marilyn Ramsey may be Gillian Anderson's fake name (not confirmed)