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I've got tons of X-Files bits I've been saving up to unleash on you all at once. As the series comes to an end lots of speculation and rumors are surfacing about the show and the shows cinematic future! Check it out!

First up is a small bit that Gillian Anderson told Sci-Fi Wire about the return of David Duchovny to the that made them famous:

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"I would have thought, 'Well, wait a minute, this isn't right. This isn't right,'" Anderson said in an interview, explaining how she might have reacted had Duchovny not agreed to play Fox Mulder to her Dana Scully one last time on the series. "I'm very glad that the show is completely ending now, because I have a feeling that even though I would have mourned to a certain degree in saying good-bye, there would have been something left undone. It wouldn't have been as clean, and I feel like we have an opportunity now to really tie it up in a whole, constructive and completing way."

The second bit comes from Chris Carter himself in what he explained to Sci-Fi Wire about the X-Files movie, slated for release in 2004:

"There was a lot of talk about what we needed to put into [the finale], what ground we needed to cover, [and what] answers we needed to answer," Carter said in an interview. "We realize that we can't answer every single thing, because there are too many threads to tie, but some of the bigger answers will take care of the littler questions."

"The movies are not going to depend on this finale, although there are important things in there. We are always going to be true to the characters, but we really see the movies as taking the best parts of the series—the Mulder [David Duchovny]-Scully [Gillian Anderson] relationship and the X-Files franchise—and doing stand-alone movies that are not dependent on the mythology [and that] are not dependent on the series. They are now their own thing: good, scary stories the way we've been telling them now for nine years, but for the big screen and with a lot of movie stuff in them."

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