Garry Marshall's New Year's Eve has added a new cast member, with actress Carla Gugino joining the production. Halle Berry, who left the project last month, has re-joined the cast, albeit in a different role.

Halle Berry had stepped away from the romantic comedy due to a custody battle. The judge ruled in her favor earlier this week, freeing her up to return to the project. Katherine Heigl took her place, portraying a caterer who has a run-in with her ex-boyfriend (Jon Bon Jovi). Halle Berry will now play a nurse in a slightly smaller role.

Carla Gugino will play a doctor in New Year's Eve, who will mainly spend her time on screen with Jessica Biel and Seth Meyers.

Garry Marshall is directing New Year's Eve from a script by Katherine Fugate. The movie will follow the lives of several characters as they search for romance on New Year's Eve in New York City.