Josh Duhamel, Ice Cube, and Ryan Seacrest are the latest to join the enormous ensemble cast of New Year's Eve for director Garry Marshall.

Josh Duhamel will play one of the lead characters, a hopeless romantic who is looking for a date to a New Year's Eve party. He has an ulterior motive, though, as he is really trying to connect with a mystery woman at last year's party. Ice Cube will portray an NYPD cop who is working closely with Hilary Swank's character, the director of the Times Square event. Ryan Seacrest will portray himself in a cameo appearance.

Garry Marshall will direct from a screenplay from Katherine Fugate, who also wrote Garry Marshall's Valentine's Day. New Year's Eve will follow the intertwining stories of several New York City residents as they navigate through the New Year's Eve holiday.

New Year's Eve begins production in February.