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The Far Side Of The World:Maximum Russell Crowe has transcribed the very huge article recently run by The New York Times on a piece covering the details of production and plotline of Russell Crowe's latest, The Far Side Of The World. Crowe plays a character named Capt. Jack Aubrey in an adaptation of Patrick O'Brian's widely beloved 20-volume cycle of seafaring sagas set during the Napoleonic Wars.

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Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: As the release draws near, you'll be seeing TONS of Lord Of The Ring material popping up here at Lights Out..continuing our hype for one of the greatest stories ever told!

The official site has been updated! Trailer analysis, plus a chance to win a PS2 with a copy of The Two Towers video game! CLICK HERE

In addition, EA has posted some more videos from the upcoming release of the TTT video game! CLICK HERE

Freddy vs. Jason:Dark Horizons reports that some shooting has been spotted at Buntzen Lake outside Vancouver. This location will apparently be considered 'Crystal Lake' for the movie.

In addition, Coming Soon picked a scoop from a scooper claiming that Chuck Jeffreys, the man behind the stunts of such movies like Black Hawk Down, Hannibal, & Gladiator, is on board directing stunt sequences in the new movie:

Two of the stunt crew on Freddy Vs Jason confirmed that the fights are being choreographed by Chuck Jeffreys, who also, interestingly enough, shares a fight choreography credit with John Medlin on Spiderman. According to the stuntmen, Mr. Jeffreys also had a heavy hand in the swordplay on the first Blade working with Clay Fontenot and Jeff Ward.

Phantasm's End: Roger Avary recently spoke with Sci-Fi Wire about his latest script for Phantasm's End, the final chapter in the horror series:

"I wanted to answer the universal equation of Phantasm, but also keep it cryptic and ask more questions," Avary said in an interview. "Also, I've always wanted to go over to the other side. I'd been thinking about it since I first saw the film in high school and just wanted to make an exciting movie out of it."

Cat In The Hat: The Associated Press reports that over $55,000 in custom designed props were recently stolen from a fenced lot near the set of Mike Meyers' latest, Dr. Suesses' Cat In The Hat.

Our take:

What is someone going to do with an 8-foot-long pair of dark blue glasses, a yellow 4-foot-long door key, a black 6-foot by 4-foot by 8-foot anvil with hammer, a 4-foot golf tee and a blue golf ball 7 feet in diameter that weighs more than 200 pounds? Time will tell...

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The Walker: Dark Horizons has picked up on a scooper from someone claiming to have some news about an American Gigolo seqeul. Take a look:

"Based on other interviews I've heard and read with Paul Schrader, he is not prepping a sequel to "American Gigolo." Instead, he has written a screenplay called "The Walker." Schrader has stated that he would like to explore what a character like Julian Kaye (from "Gigolo") would be like in his early 50s, in the same sense as he explored what that same type of character would be like in his late 30s / early 40s in "Light Sleeper" (He used almost identical wording when he talked about that film). For Schrader there is a kind of continuity w/ these films, the same TYPE of character. But the film he was talking about on that California radio show was not about Julian Kaye in a literal sense.

About a year ago Schrader discussed the role of "The Walker" w/ Steve Martin (his intention being to see Martin further develop his dramatic, non-comedic side). The character in "The Walker," as Schrader described him, does not sell himself sexually; instead he is a professional escort to politically-connected middle-aged women (he "walks" w/ them to social events)"

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Darkness:Dark Horizons has posted some stills from the up and coming haunted house thriller. CLICK HERE

The Alamo: The film is still under much peril, according to director John Lee Hancock in a recent interview with The Houston Chronicle. CLICK HERE to take a look.

Dirty Dancing 2: According to Variety, Dirty Dancing 2 has gotten a male lead. Diego Luna (Y Tu Mama Tambien) is set to take on the role in the new sequel directed by Guy Ferland.

Dark Castle's Next: Joel Silver taled to Fangoria this weekend about Dark Castle's Next project. As of right now it seems undecided...

"As long as they go, we're doing them," Silver says. "We have a picture that we like called GOTHIKA, which is another kind of a ghost movie and then there's a werewolf movie I like called HOWL that we're thinking about doing, but it's comforting knowing that we can make these pictures for a reasonable amount of money and then the studio is happy to have us do them and put them out for Halloween."

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Hannibal Lecter: A scooper writes into Lights Out today with a scoop from The Star which recently picked up on an Anthony Hopkins scoop about the future of his role as Hannibal Lecter:

The welsh 64-year actor Anthony Hopkins wrote an argument for the next film of the now trilogy which has as protagonist the cannibal Hannibal Lecter. Maybe this is due to the compenetration which Hopkins has achieved with the character whom he had played three times and who has become an icon in the world of cinematography.

The first film was in 1991, The Silence of the Lambs, where he shared credits with Jodie Foster; the second one was, ten years later, Hannibal, and finally this year, Red Dragon, which soon will premiere in Mexico. The British newspaper The Star, which is characteristic for scandalous news, published that the actor, Oscar-winner for his first incarnation of the sociopath and psychopath, Hannibal, in the script he wrote that the FBI agent Clarice Starling, who was incarnated in the first film by Foster and Julianne Moore in the second, cuts the Dr. Lecter's life.

"She wakes up in her bedroom, she has handcuff and in an armchair Hannibal Lecter is sitted and says 'Hello, Clarice'", spoiled Hopkins, that it was a part of one sequence in his script. Would have to ask to Thomas Harris, the creator of the controversial character his opinion about this story written by the actor and about the psychological profile which he gives to Lecter.

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