Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden is reportedly number one on Barbara Broccoli's list to be the next James Bond. Daniel Craig is all set to star in the upcoming Bond 25, but fans are already looking towards the future to see who will play the iconic character next. Idris Elba was the main contender in rumors that went around for months, but we've also seen Henry Cavill's name thrown around as well as Tom Hardy's. And while this is looking pretty far into the future, a source who claims to be close to Broccoli states that Madden is the man for the job.

Richard Madden played Robb Stark on HBO's Game of Thrones and was killed off during the Red Wedding Massacre in Season 3. And now, it looks like the actor could be joining up with the James Bond franchise. "It's seriously looking like he (Madden) is going to get the job," according to an anonymous source. The unnamed source went on to say that Madden is on the top of Barbara Broccoli's list and that "she is preparing to offer the role." This is all pretty interesting, but we'll have to throw this in the rumor pile for now since the news is coming from an unnamed source.

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James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli recently commented on the speculation that a woman could be the next Bond, stating that she can't see that happening. Broccoli held firm that the character is a male, and that there can be other stories written for strong female characters, but not James Bond, which was comforting news for fans who were worried about that sort of thing happening. However, the producer did say that she could see a woman taking over the directorial duties in the near future.

Bond 25 is getting ready to begin production after Danny Boyle left the project. Cary Fukunaga is set to direct the film, which has since been delayed, due to the director shakeup. It's believed that production will start in March of 2019, instead of December of this year. Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli met with numerous directors and they're excited to work with Fukunaga, who is best-known for the first season of HBO's True Detective and most recently, Netflix's Maniac, which stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill.

Richard Madden certainly looks like he could pull off the role of James Bond, but it remains unclear if he will actually take on the role. With that being said, he's not exactly a big name actor, especially compared to the other actors who have been rumored to play the part. Barbara Broccoli will let the world know when the time is right. For now, let's just hope that the production of Bond 25 goes nice and smooth. This news was first reported by The Sun U.K.