Nic Balthazar has announced plans to remake his foreign film Ben X for American audiences. According to Variety, he would write and direct this stateside adaptation himself.

The film chronicles the life of a mildly autistic teen whose quiet school existence contrasts with his wild, warrior persona in the on-line gaming community. His two worlds begin to blur when two school bullies set out to torment him.

Balthazar is keen to take on new elements for the American version. He doesn't want it to be an across the boards remake. About casting, he stated, "There is a beautiful role for the mother. And for Ben we just need the new Leonardo DiCaprio in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and we can launch a new career. Here there's a tremendous chance to do it not because it's part of a marketing deal but because it's a part of the story."

The dubbed version of the original Ben X will find a limited U.S. run next February.