Nic Cage may be one of the hardest working comic-book fans in Hollywood, and he currently has a whole slew of projects in various stages of development, including Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of Mark Millar's comic Kick-Ass. Cage talked to Collider about all of his upcoming projects, and had a few words to say about Kick-Ass.

"Well, that movie was quite a satire in my opinion," Cage said. "That's an example of sort of the irony of the obsession of violence in the U.S., but truly all over. I think it's sort of an ironic take on that. So there will be some violent images, but it's done in a way that I think shows you the absurdity of it. He was easy. He was easy to work for. Again, I felt safe with Matthew. I felt like I could express myself again, like I did with Alex. So I've had some good luck so far working with filmmakers that I connected with."

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Cage also said that he's looking forward to beginning filming with Jay Baruchel on The Sorcerer's Apprentice, in which cage will play the Sorcerer while Baruchel takes on the role of the apprentice. "We're going to have some laughs," Cage said of his co-star. "I can already feel it."

Cage also said that a third National Treasure movie was not out of the question, but would have to wait until filming finished on The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

If that wasn't enough on Cage's plate, he also said that he has two other films coming out soon - The Bad Lieutenant and Season of the Witch, as well as two animated features.

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