To hear Nicolas Cage talk about it, the next stop for his character from Ghost Rider should be somewhere in Europe. Cage spoke to Cinema Blend in preparation for the release of Bangkok Dangerous, and he revealed what may be in future for the flaming skull-headed superhero.

Cage says that he spoke to studio executives a few months back about a possible sequel. "We talked about going international with that character, taking him into Europe, going on a motocylce tour through Europe." It stands to reason then, that with traveling through Europe, Ghost Rider might encounter some of the mysteries and secrets kept by the Catholic Church. "It has elements of it that are very much in the zeitgiest. like The Da Vinci Code and things like that."

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Although it wasn't incredibly well-received by comic fans, Ghost Rider did fairly well at the box-office, so a sequel to the film doesn't seem impossible. Especially not if Cage is willing to use some of his own influence to see the film be made. Keep reading for more information about a possible Ghost Rider 2 as it becomes available.