National Treasure: These days it seems Nicholas Cage can't seem to sign onto projects fast enough. He most recently signed onto the videogame adaptation of Dead to Rights. He's also attatched to the Simon West directed film, RPM (which is set to film in August), the John Woo directed Land of Destiny (with Chow Yun Fat), and the upcoming Dimension Films actioner, Ghost Rider (which is based on the Marvel comic book superhero).

Well add another project to that list because, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Cage has come aboard to star in the feature National Treasure for Touchstone Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer productions and director Jon Turtletaub.

Based on an idea from Turtletaub, Touchstone marketing chief Oren Aviv and Charles Segers, the film is a caper story about a secret code in the U.S. Constitution that bears the whereabouts of a treasure buried during the 1700s. The project is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Turtletaub and Christina Steinberg.

This isn't the first time Cage has joined super producer Jerry Bruckheimer either. Cage and Bruckheimer had alot of success in the 90's with Con Air and of course, The Rock, for director Michael Bay.

Cage can next be seen in the upcoming Ridley Scott comedy noir, Matchstick Men, wich is due in theatres this August.

Stay tuned for more info about National Treasure and Nicolas Cage's other upcoming films.