Ghost Rider: Actor Nicholas Cage recently spoke with Latino Review about the current progress of the proposed Ghost Rider flick as well as the recent rumblings surrounding the actor's involvement in John Woo's take on the He-Man universe...

What’s the hold up? “It’s really just a matter of the vision of the movie and how it will be portrayed. It’s talks about script and things like that. It’s true that I was involved with Ghost Rider over three years ago and was trying to develop it with another filmmaker. These things are very sensitive. It’s a bullseye and you really have to hit it. Otherwise it may not work. So it’s best for everyone to be cautious and make sure it’s got the right auspices.” RELATED: Norman Reedus Is Johnny Blaze in New MCU Fan Art After Lobbying for Ghost Rider Role

Cage is so invested in the comic book world because of the impact they had on his childhood. “Comic books for me as a young man were one of the ways I learned how to read. There were other ways too, but I was always fascinated by the mythology of them. Because I used to read Greek myths, so I discovered a kind of kindred spirit in the mind of Stan Lee and also DC Comics. And I always felt they were successful in film as well even before they became successful, and I knew the big three would be Batman and Superman and Spiderman. I guess the reason I responded to them was that they had the fantasy of the child’s mind, and they’re a wonderful alternative world to sort of lose yourself in.”

Should Ghost Rider fall through, Cage will give up on playing a superhero. “I think if this doesn’t work, that’s pretty much it. I’ve never made a comic book film and I’ll just sort of enjoy my nostalgic memories as a boy. I don’t read them any more. It’s something that really came from the past.”

Back when Cage was attached to Superman with Tim Burton, he got as close as trying on the costume. “I did do that. I went pretty far down the road with Tim Burton on that. And at the time, Warner Brothers just wasn’t ready to pull the trigger so to speak on the script because it was getting incredibly expensive and that was at a period in their career, Warner Brothers, where they were being cautious with the money.”

He was also offered a role in Spider-Man. “They talked to me about playing the Green Goblin, but it was at the same time I was offered Adaptation. And I was wanting to play twins in a movie, so that’s why I opted for Adaptation. Also, I like Spike Jonze’s work quite a bit. I also like Sam Raimi very much as well. But it just seemed like Adaptation would give me more of an opportunity to learn something.”

Finally, Cage will not be playing Skeletor in John Woo’s recently announced He-Man project. “No, I don't know anything about that.” He did, however, leave the door open for another project with Woo. “I think John Woo’s a terrific filmmaker and I would love to work with John again. I think we have a good rapport together.”