Very sad news is coming in for us to pass along today as horror genre star Nicholas Tucci, best known for his roles in the slasher movie You're Next and the Syfy series Channel Zero, has reportedly passed away. The actor's passing was confirmed by his father with a post on Tucci's official Facebook account, revealing Tucci had died at the age of 38 at the Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut on Tuesday. "Nick chose to keep his illness private so that he could continue to pursue his professional and artistic dreams for as long as possible. In the last year, he was able to audition, go on location, and continue the work he loved so much," the post reads.

It's also made clear in the message that Tucci had a lot of love and support from his colleagues and fans when he was here, and that hasn't gone unnoticed by the Tucci family. "To those of you in the film, television, and theater communities...thank you for guiding, encouraging, and supporting Nick," Tucci's father also says in the heartbreaking post. He adds: "To those of you who enjoyed Nick's work on the screen and stage...thank you for recognizing his talent and appreciating his efforts. To all...thank you for your gift of friendship to my son."

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Born in 1981, Tucci was a Connecticut native who'd grow up to earn a BA in Theater at Yale University as a young man. Though he had a strong passion for drama, Tucci was very athletic as well, serving as an All-Conference wide receiver and captain of his high school football team and competing in boxing matches as a teenager. A performer at heart, he would also participate in the sketch comedy group Suite 13 and act in theatrical performances across the United States. His natural talent wound up getting him noticed by the right people, leading to Tucci's success on the big and small screens with his acting career.

One of Tucci's most recognizable roles comes from the 2011 slasher flick You're Next from director Adam Wingard, which tells the story of masked assailants attacking a family during a wedding anniversary getaway. Tucci is also known for appearing in the fourth season of the horror series Channel Zero and the indie horror movie The Ranger, making him a fan favorite in the horror genre. The actor has made many other notable TV and movie appearances as well, which includes roles in the TV shows Daredevil and Homeland along with parts in the movies Long Lost and Myth. He will also posthumously appear in the upcoming horror movie Ten Minutes to Midnight along with a couple other titles.

It's needless to say that 38 is way too young for Tucci to leave us, and his passing is made all the more heartbreaking when considering he still had so much more to offer. As his illness had been largely kept a secret, the news also comes as a major shock for many fans of Tucci, and it must certainly be a very difficult time for those who knew him best. We offer our condolences to Tucci's family and close friends at this time, and he will always be missed. Rest in peace. This news comes to us from Alexander Tucci on Facebook.