We reported back in June that the producer of an upcoming remake said the film is moving forward and now they have brought a new writer on board. The Wrap is reporting that screenwriter Nick Cave has been brought on to rewrite the script for The Crow remake.

The site is also reporting that news on the remake's casting should be expected soon. Here's an excerpt from their article.

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"Expect an announcement in the coming weeks about who will land the coveted role of Eric Draven in the reconceptualized remake of The Crow, which will feature the titular bird as more of a full-fledged character than in Alex Proyas' 1994 original."

Stephen Norrington had written the original script for the reboot and was also set to direct the film as well. It wasn't said if Norrington was still on board as the film's director or not.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further details on The Crow remake as soon as we have more information.