Robert Redford and Nick Nolte have signed on to star in A Walk in the Woods, which also has Richard Linklater attached to direct. The project had been stuck in development for many years, with other filmmakers such as Chris Columbus and Barry Levinson attached to direct at one point.

The project is based on the popular travel memoir by Bill Bryson, which chronicles his return home to America after spending over 20 years in England. The story unfolds as he goes hiking with an old friend on the Appalachian Trail. Robert Redford will play Bill Bryson, with Nick Nolte portraying his friend, Stephen Katz.

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Richard Russo wrote the most recent draft of the screenplay, which was supervised by Robert Redford, who is also producing. Here's what the actor-producer had to say about the project.

"A Walk in the Woods is the kind of movie that has something to say but can also be really commercial because it's just so funny," Redford said. "It will be nice to get back to doing a comedy."

Production will begin later this fall on the independently-financed comedy.