Ruben Fleischer is bound and determined to collect the most combustible actors around for his Los Angeles noir thriller The Gangster Squad. After hiring notoriously unhinged personalities such as Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, and Giovanni Ribisi, the director has added his cherry on top by casting Nick Nolte into the fray.

Nick Nolte will play newly appointed Chief of Police Bill Parker in this real-life drama about how L.A.'s gangster division was formed. A Purple Heart recipient for his valor at Normandy, it was Bill Parker who formed The Gangster Squad. His main target is West Coast gangster Mickey Cohen, played by Sean Penn.

The Gangster Squad is set to rival The Avengers in terms of its ensemble casting. Its one of the most exciting line-ups in decades. It will be disappointing if their on-set behavior doesn't match their notorious reputations.