Nick Offerman is here to make your holidays a jolly one. And he has no time for any type of war on Christmas. Instead of fighting the yuletide spirit, he wants you to enjoy 45 minutes of uninterrupted Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky-drinking bliss by his Yule Log Fireplace. Best part about it all? You don't even need to exchange words. This is the only holiday fireplace video you need this year!

Nick Offerman's Yule Log is actually part of his popular video series My Tales of Whiskey. The online show is all about the actor and comedian's love of Whiskey. Though, this latest installment is just under an hour of the former Parks and Recreation star sitting in his plush leather chair, not speaking a word. He is saddled up next to a warm and cozy fire. He stares directly into the camera, occasionally taking a sip of his legendary distilled alcoholic beverage.

If you wait long enough, you may even see him shift in his seat. The video is very calming. And if you gaze at the screen long enough, you are very likely to drift off into a blissful slumber. We don't ever get to learn what the man is thinking, but we can imagine. Surely he's focus on steaks, America and his legendary pizza farm. At any rate, it sure beats the traditional yule log video.

The Yule Log, Yule Clog, or Christmas Block is a specially selected log burnt on a hearth around the period of Christmas. The origins of this tradition is unclear. Some scholars believe that, like other traditions associated with Yule (such as the Yule boar), the custom may ultimately derive from Germanic paganism. The events of Yule are generally held to have centered on Midwinter feasting, drinking, and sacrifices.

The Yule Log began as a TV show traditionally broadcast on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. It originally aired from 1966 to 1989 on New York City television station WPIX. The program has since spread to other television properties owned by WPIX parent Tribune Media, including WGN America and (since 2011) Antenna TV. The program, which has run between two to four hours in duration, is a film loop of a yule log burning in a fireplace, with a traditional soundtrack of classic Christmas music playing in the background. It is broadcast without commercial interruption. Now, we have a new take on this tradition, with Nick Offerman offering up perhaps the greatest Yule log video in the history of its existence. Take a look, just be prepared to fall asleep.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange