One man's humorous meme is another man's frustration. Nicolas Cage is not a big fan of the "Cage Rage" memes online, and says that he finds it "frustrating." The meme in question is the famous "You Don't Say," which utilizes Cage's facial expression with his eyes bugging out of his head from the 1988 black comedy Vampire's Kiss. The meme was made in 2009, but didn't start to gain momentum until 2011, and has been a thorn in Cage's side ever since.

Nicolas Cage currently stars in the action horror Mandy, which just opened in theaters last week. The film was directed by Panos Cosmatos, and it has been getting rave reviews ever since its premiere earlier this year. Cage's work in the movie has been praised by critics, with many declaring that it's his best work in years. With that being said, the actor thinks that Mandy might take a hit because of his famous meme status. He explains.

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"I'm sure it's frustrating for (director) Panos (Cosmatos), who has made what I consider a very lyrical, internal, and poetic work of art, to have this Cage Rage thing slammed all over his movie... the internet has kind of done the movie a disservice."

It doesn't seem like a silly meme will have that big of an effect on Mandy, but nevertheless, Nicolas Cage thinks that it does more harm than good. The actor says that he made a conscious decision in his acting career to veer out and try new things that many deem to be over-the-top. Cage is well-known for his pretty intense performances and says that "It's all very thought out and carefully planned." Cage had this to say about his particular acting style.

"I did make certain choices to realize my abstract and more ontological fantasies with film performance, by playing people who were crazy, or by playing people who were on drugs, or supernaturally possessed - so that I have the license, if you will, to explore the German Expressionistic style of acting, or the Western kabuki. Whatever you want to call it."

Nicolas Cage's belief that the "Rage Cage" meme and the compilation of some of his more outlandish work reduces his artistry, which is fair. However, in today's world, that more than likely means that he just brought a lot more attention to his famous meme and compilation video. In his mind, Cage is just taking influence from some of the greatest actors in cinematic history. He says.

"Look at James Cagney in White Heat, when he says Top of the world, ma! Was that realistic? Hell no. Was it exciting and truthful? Hell yeah. Or Richard Burton in Night of the Iguana, or Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. The list goes on and on about these old troubadours who embraced a kind of charismatic and larger-than-size stylization. A grandeur, if you will."

While addressing his role in Vampire's Kiss, Nicolas Cage says that he was channeling Nosferatu when playing the literary agent who was losing his mind. Cage went on to say that he imagined being an actor who was high on cocaine to add to the authenticity of the character starting to lose it. Whatever the case may be, Nicolas Cage is not into the "Cage Rage," so please stop sharing it. You can read the rest of the interview with Cage over at Indie Wire.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick