What is the world coming to? Can't a woman ask Nicolas Cage for an autograph without being attacked by Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil? Apparently not! And Nicolas Cage, being the ladies man he is, wasn't going to stand for it. Thus, we have one of his best performances in years caught on video for the world to see as the leading man takes on the front man in a heavy metal brawl that turns into what looks like a lot of hugging.

Thanks to TMZ, the second half of this incredibly bizarre incident was caught on camera. The melee went down in Las Vegas earlier today. They pair were standing outside the Aria Hotel when a woman asked Nicolas Cage for his autograph. This caused Vince Neil to sneak up behind her, grab her hair, and pull her to the ground.

The details still aren't quite clear on exactly how it all went down. After Vince Neil attacked the woman, Nicolas Cage went after Vince. He starts a fight, which turns into a measure to restrain the singer. In the video you can see that Cage is trying to calm him down. But the raw footage cuts out before we get to see if this works or not.

Though police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter, Vince Neil was not arrested. He was instead cited for battery. a spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed this what happened. No other details are currently available at the moment, but the whole thing did leave us with a nice souvenir in the video player below.

In the first half of 2016, Mötley Crüe played the final show of their career. Their last performance was played at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The show marked a 34 year span for the legendary hard rock band. Over the years, they have certainly had their ups and downs, but nothing quite compares to getting in a fight on the sidewalk with the iconic weirdo Nicolas Cage. Before setting off on a 2 year world tour that started in July 2014, the band signed a legally binding agreement that they would stop playing together forever. Before they brought everything to a close, they showed up for an amazing 164 additional shows. The band's final live song together was Frank Sinatra's 'My Way'

Nicolas Cage is going to follow up this amazing sidewalk street performance with The Trust, in theaters this May. He also has 9 other projects lined up in the coming year. This September, he'll be seen in director Oliver Stone's Whistle Blowing biopic Snowden. Until then, enjoy this rare look at the man enjoying his personal life.