/Film is reporting that Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn recently talked with BBC to promote his recent feature Valhalla Rising, and also mentioned what film he's always wanted to do: Wonder Woman.

"After Valhalla Rising I thought the most surprising thing for me would be to go to Los Angeles and do a studio movie. Coming from a movie where I had complete control - I also own the movie - and had complete, kind of like, accessibility around me, and then going to Hollywood and doing a film within the studio, which is very much the opposite, I thought could be a very interesting experience for me. RELATED: Wonder Woman 3 Producer Says Ideas Are Starting to Come Together

I guess one of the aims I am having, but at the very early stage, I always wanted to do Wonder Woman as a feature film...Well, I would say that Wonder Woman is probably something that, to me, would be not just a satisfaction, but almost a [catharsis], and I was born to make it."