According to Variety, Nicole Kidman has revealed that she is in talks with Lars Von Trier to appear in Wasington, the final part of the maverick Danish auteur's controversial American trilogy.

Kidman starred as the gangster's daughter Grace in the first movie Dogville, but was unavailable for the second installment Manderlay, despite having originally stated that she would appear in all three films.

The role of Grace in Manderlay, which had its world premiere in Cannes last week, was taken by Bryce Dallas Howard. Kidman told the U.K.'s Daily Mail that she and Howard will "share the role" in the third movie.

"Lars has been talking to Nicole as well as Bryce, the idea being that they would both be in 'Wasington,' confirmed Von Trier's producer Vibeke Windeloev.

However, production of Wasington has been delayed until 2007, because Von Trier wants more time to get the script right. Meantime he will return to his Dogme style of filmmaking to shoot The Managing Director of It All early next year.