Nicole Kidman has joined the cast of Anand Tucker's upcoming drama The Danish Girl. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kidman will play Einar Wegener, a post-op transsexual that was married to Danish artist Gerda Wegener (to be played by Charlize Theron). Kidman will also produce the film.

The screenplay is based on a true story, which revolves around the marriage of this artistic couple. Their relationship took a sharp left turn when Einar went to stand in for a female model that Great was gearing up to paint. When there paintings became a hit in 1920s Copenhagen, Gerda convinces her husband to get the world's first sex change.

Lucinda Coxon will adapt the screenplay from David Ebershoff's 2000 Viking bestseller. His debut novel of the same name is a fictionalized account of the Wegeners' true story. Pre-production has already begun on the indie film, but a set start date has yet to be decided upon.