According to The Gazette, three high-profile films are expected to be shot in Montreal over the next year:

The 20th Century Fox studio is expected to shoot three big-budget movies in Montreal over the next year; each has a budget of at least $100 million. The films are the Night at the Museum sequel Another Night, Independence Day director Roland Emmerich's remake of the sci-fi flick Fantastic Voyage and a big-screen adaptation of the Japanese manga Dragonball Z. RELATED: Guillermo Del Toro's Fantastic Voyage Remake Begins Shooting This January

Another Night is the follow-up to the family film directed by former Montrealer Shawn Levy, which grossed $250 million at the North American box office last year. Like the first film, the sequel will once again be set at New York's Museum of Natural History and will feature many of the same characters, including the nightwatchman played by Ben Stiller. Robin Williams, who played Theodore Roosevelt, is also expected to be back.

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