While the Night at the Museum franchise was a reasonable success when it began over a decade ago, the last film installment was Secret of the Tomb back in 2014 and there doesn't appear to be any intention of reviving the Ben Stiller series anytime soon. However, some newly released concept art via Legacy Entertainment has revealed that a group had planned to have a stunning theme park ride based on the movie. The artwork from 2010 shows some awesome images of what thrill seekers could have been treated to if the ride had come to fruition.

As you would imagine based on the source material, the ride would have seen passengers moving around a museum setting which comes to life around them, with a roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and an animal kingdom with artic penguin exhibit just some of the things that would have been included. From the art it looks like the ride would have been along the lines of cinema's 4D format, with changes in temperature and the inclusion of wet and icy blasts besieging the group as they moved by.

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Night at the Museum Ride concept art

According to the website ThemeparkUniversity.com, one of the big stumbling points with the ride was that the concept was developed for a major theme park that were still attempting to purchase the rights to use the franchise in the project. It is most likely that the designs were made with the intention of trying to prize the rights out of Fox by showing what they could create. If the go ahead had been given, then the project would have been developed into something more tangible afterwards.

With so many big theme park rides being based on popular film series', such as Jurassic Park, Jaws and of course Disney's Marvel and Star Wars sections of their parks, it is strange to think that a ride has never moved forward for the Night At The Museum franchise. The trilogy of movies made just over $1.3 billion between them and were very popular, featuring performances by Ricky Gervais, Owen Wilson, Hank Azaria, and some of the last appearances of Robin Williams, so it certainly would have warranted the addition of a ride. Even just the premise of a museum coming to life lends itself to an adventure packed attraction, making it even more of a shame that it was never made.

Night at the Museum Ride concept art #2

With Fox's recent takeover by Disney, the question is would the House of Mouse want to pick up on a decade old idea when they can simply continue to expand their much more current and guaranteed money-makers such as Star Wars. While Disney could decide to reboot the movie series sometime in the future, which could lead to it adding an attraction to at least some of its many parks, there doesn't seem to be any word of such a project currently being in the works. With so many Fox properties at their disposal, Disney would be more inclined to sit back for a while and get a proper feel of which of their newly acquired franchises are worth their time and money, and sadly, Night At the Museum is probably quite a way down the list. This news was first revealed at Legacy Entertainment.