Back in July, Sony Pictures released the first footage from their R-rated comedy The Night Before, in the form of an age-restricted red band trailer, which is only meant for viewers over the age of 18. Today, the studio released an all-ages green band trailer that is suitable for viewers of all ages, starring Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as three friends who bring their Christmas Eve tradition to an end in a big way. Even without the R-rated language from the red band trailer, this footage will still make you laugh.

Seth Rogen continues a tradition of his own, by poking fun at another pop star. This trailer features a joke about Miley Cyrus, which comes on the heels of last year's The Interview, which mocked Katy Perry. From Jonathan Levine, the acclaimed director of 50/50, comes the new comedy The Night Before. Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) have been friends since childhood, and for a decade, their yearly Christmas Eve reunion has been an annual night of debauchery and hilarity.

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Now that they're entering adulthood, the tradition is coming to an end, and to make it as memorable as possible, they set out to find the Nutcracka Ball - the Holy Grail of Christmas parties. Lizzy Caplan, Jillian Bell and Lorraine Toussaint round out the supporting cast of this comedy movie, which is slated for release on November 25. The Night Before is set to open on November 25, where it faces some stiff Thanksgiving weekend competition, opening alongside Warner Bros.' Creed and Midnight Special, Pixar's The Good Dinosaur and 20th Century Fox's Victor Frankenstein.

Jonathan Levine directs The Night Before, reuniting with stars Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who he worked with in 50/50. He directs from a script by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Kyle Hunter & Ariel Shaffir. Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver are also producing through their Point Grey Productions company. Sony Pictures set the November 25 release date last October, before production had even started on this new comedy.

Do you think this holiday comedy has a shot of breaking the bank at the box office? Or will it be drowned out by the other high-profile movies hitting theaters on November 25? With this amazing cast and humorous holiday story that many fans can relate to, it could be the sleeper hit of the holiday season, but we'll have to wait and see. Check out the all-ages trailer below, and chime in with your thoughts below.