The Good

I always found this show funny and it still holds up.

The Bad

No extra features.Night Court: The Complete Second Season is one of those shows that, if you watched a decent amount of TV in the 1980s, you've just got to own. If you've never heard of it, the show chronicles the chaotic world of Judge Harold T. Stone's nightly courtroom. As you can guess a show with this premise is filled with characters, and it is the work of Harry Anderson, Ellen Foley, John Larroquette, Charles Robinson, Richard Moll and others that make this show stand out. Whether people like John Astin or Lou Ferrigno are making guest appearances, or the show features an invisible man, a lovelorn nun, hookers, flashers and whatever the hell else might come into the courtroom, Night Court: The Complete Second Season is certainly worth your time.


No extras came with this release.


Standard Version. Presented in a format preserving the aspect ratio of its original exhibition. This show looked pretty darn solid. There wasn't too much to look for because we are dealing with a sitcom. As this show is set at night that gives the episodes a darker look (as they didn't have to light for the outside), but I didn't see the DVD compression effected because of this.


Dolby Digital. Subtitled in English & Francais. The audio on this 22 episode set was also pretty darn good. They don't use the audio to get us into the character's heads, rather they use it more to punctuate the comedy and put across site gags.


The powers at Warner Bros. Home Video have finally decided to go the amaray route with their TV on DVD releases. In a way I'd like to believe that somebody over there read my reviews asking for them to abandon the slipcase/digipack model, but I tend to think it was more of a bottom line decision. There is a slipcase that houses the amaray case. This gives us some pictures of the cast from this show and the back features more of them same. There is a small description of this releases content, a cast list and technical specs. The amaray case itself has the layout.

Final Word

I really liked Night Court ited to see that this excellent show has lost nothing over the years. Filled with a mix a humor and heart, this was one of those pioneering shows that seemed like nothing but jokes and site gags, but actually really offered something different to the viewing audience. The fact that the subject matter (for the time) could certainly be viewed as risque, I don't think this should be overlooked. There is a richness to the material being done here that seems equally elevated by both the writing and the acting.

Night Court: The Complete Second Season is one to own if you liked this show years ago. Today, one might want to try and catch the episodes on TV Land (or some such outlet) and from there decide where this show falls in their collection.