The Good

This is truly one of the funniest shows to have ever been on TV.

The Bad

I would like Warner Bros. to just get to the point and only release the first season of this show instead of this 6 episode DVD.

Night Court is one of those shows that I could watch for hours on end. Having watched a bunch of them when I was growing up, I don't think I fully understood what was happening, I just knew that I should be laughing. This show always seems to work for me. Whether Fielding (John Larroquette) is making sexual innuendoes at Miss Sullivan (Markie Post), or Judge Stone (Harry Anderson) is skipping out of court to see Mel Torme, this show always strikes the right balance between social satire and laughs.

I wish there were more than six episodes but if this is all our friends at Warner Bros. are offering, than I will gladly take Night Court: TV Favorites.


No extras came with this DVD.


Standard version presented in a format preserving the aspect ratio of it's original television exhibition. There is nothing too special about the way the six episodes look on this disc, but something tells me that Warner Bros. is holding off until it releases more full season sets. Still, this was never a show I watched because I thought it looked good, actually, looking at it now I am impressed the creators got away with such a drab lighting scheme.


Dolby Digital - English: Mono. Sitcom comedy is quick and on Night Court it's even quicker than usual. This is a show that just flows. I don't care if you have never seen an episode, this is one of those rare sitcoms that you can just throw yourself into and be completely caught up in the situations. While the sound isn't that amazing, I didn't notice anything that got in the way of this show's storylines.


There is a photo of the Night Court cast inside an older TV. I love how all the characters wear expressions on their faces that perfectly capture who they are. The back features a succinctly written description of this show, a listing of all the episodes, a cast list and some minor technical specs. Night Court is one of those sitcoms that doesn't need any bells and whistles on it's cover art. It stands fine on it's own.

Final Word

Why doesn't Harry Anderson appear in more movies or TV shows? Granted, the character he played on Night Court didn't seem that different than the character he would play on Cheers, but who really cares? This guy was quick, he was funny and during Night Court's nine year run, he showed he could deftly handle the different storylines the show's creators threw at him.

Night Court is a welcome edition to my burgeoning TV on DVD collection.

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