Anyone who stayed up past their bedtime in the 80s surely remembers Night Flight, the cult show that served as an anti-MTV. It helped define a generation of weirdos and gave surly punk rockers something to cheer for after stumbling home drunk from the latest rock show. It fueled many Saturday night sleepovers, and represents the best in the golden age of basic cable Television. Now, you can relive every exciting moment of USA Network's original cavalcade of the bizarre, scary and just plain odd.

Described as a visual-arts magazine and variety show, Night Flight launched in 1981 and ran through 1988, airing on Friday and Saturday nights. The series featured a wide varied of videos and served as the 80s generation's answer to Youtube. On any given episode, you were bound to see the latest and strangest short films, music videos, documentaries and animation. It was a visual carnival that is hard to shake once you experience it. Home to such cult favorites as Bambi Meets Godzilla and Mr. Bill, it also showed the newest and coolest in punk and New Wave music videos during a time where MTV was just starting to happen as a cultural phenomenon. According to show creator Stuart S. Shapiro.

"[It was meant to be] a beacon of fresh cutting-edge entertainment that was just not available anywhere on TV."

Night Flight started fro make its triumphant return last May, when it launched a retro video blog. Now, you can binge all of the original Night Flight episodes as it becomes its own streaming service. Night Flight PLUS is bringing the full original episodes back for your binging pleasure. Each classic installment has been transferred direct form the original USA Network masters. The 1983 New Year's Eve Special and the Best of New Wave Theater will also be available in their entirety. Says Stuart S. Shapiro.

"Our goal with Night Flight PLUS is to resurrect the editorial spirit of Night Flight with the same original curatorial edge we had in the '80s for a new digital generation. This time around Night Flight's special brew will be available anytime, anywhere."

Night Flight Plus will now be available to stream any time of the day or night (which, let's face it, takes away some of the fun!). The service is currently available on Roku and Chromecast devices. In the very near future, Night Flight will also be coming to Apple TV and Amazon Fire. You can subscribe to Night Flight Plus for $2.99 a month, or go all-in for a full year at just $29.99. So, who's ready to get nostalgic?