According to Variety, Lux Digital Pictures, a new German film company, is reanimating the dead in its first feature production, a 3-D remake of Night of the Living Dead, and resurrecting the possibility of private equity investment following the demise of film funds.

The Berlin-based Lux Digital partnered with the pic's producer-director Jeff Broadstreet, coming on board to completely finance Night of the Living Dead 3-D. Producers describe the film as "a homage" to George Romero's 1968 zombie classic -- a title that is in the public domain.

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Launched last year by Ingo Jucht, Lux Digital is backed by several equity investors, a setup that may prove increasingly interesting to German investors who no longer have the possibility to invest in tax-sheltering film funds following the government's recent clampdown on the market. Investors can still invest directly in production companies, however.

"After the closure of the media funds, such a structure is one of the few opportunities left to investors who are really interested in film production," says Jucht.

Lux Digital is developing two other projects: Earth Creature, a sci-fi thriller penned by Night of the Living Dead 3-D scribe Robert Valding; and "Summer Love," a teen romance set in 1970s Cuba written by David Schmoeller.

Jucht is looking for a Latin American or Spanish co-production partner for "Summer Love," a story about an American teen who falls for a Cuban girl while visiting the island with his father.