This post should be filed in the, "I wonder what George Romero thinks of this?" bin.

According to DavisDVD, Lionsgate has tapped October 9 to bring out Night of the Living Dead 3D.

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A typical family burial ceremony turns into a life-or-death struggle with the living dead as the corpses of the recently deceased rise from their graves to feast on the flesh of the living in a three-dimensional remake of the George A. Romero classic. Barbara (Brianna Brown) and her brother Johnny (Ken Ward) have arrived at the cemetery to attend the burial of their beloved aunt, but their grieving is soon interrupted by the appearance of a menacing cannibalistic corpse with an exceptionally hearty appetite. After fleeing the cemetery in terror, Barbara is soon rescued by local college student Ben (Joshua DesRoches), and the pair quickly seeks refuge in Henry Cooper's (Greg Travis) nearby farmhouse. Though the prospect of becoming lunch for the living dead immediately prompts the frightened country-dwellers to board up the remote farmhouse until they can formulate an effective plan for escape, Barbara soon finds that the zombies outside may be the least of her worries when she uncovers the sinister secret of malevolent mortician Gerald Tovar Jr. (Sid Haig).

DVD Features:

- Commentary Track

- The making of Night of the Living Dead 3D

- Q&A with Filmmakers

- Filming in 3-D - Behind the Scenes

Technical Specs:

- Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen

- Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Track

The Night of the Living Dead 3D DVD will sell for $26.98.

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