If you want to see some classic zombies in all three dimensions, well you're in luck. Marketsaw posted an interview with Greg Passmore of San Diego's Passmore Labs, where he revealed his company is converting the colorized version of Night of the Living Dead to 3-D. Here's a brief segment of the interview below.

Hi Greg - wow! Night of the Living Dead is one of my all time favorites! How did you come to the decision to convert NOLD to 3D? RELATED: Watch the First Living Dead Museum Tour at the Monroeville Mall with Sean Clark

GP: I really love the film Jim. When I started talking about it around the office, much to my surprise, I found lots of other people here who also love the film. It just seemed like a natural. Legend has, by far, the best copy and colorization of the film. I pestered Legend for months to get them to agree to let us do it.

MarketSaw: What sort of distribution have you come up with for the movie?

GP: Originally it was slated for VOD and 3D DVD. We have found some strong interest in European distribution and maybe even limited theatrical in the US. Ultimately however, the film is destined primarily for home entertainment.

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