It's time to go on a Night Run! We've got an exclusive sneak peek at this action movie, described as a love letter to 1980s action cinema. The high-speed thriller from writer-director Erick Solis is still seeking financing through their IndieGogo campaign, which has raised $6,055 by 58 backers, which represents 22% of its $28,000 flexible goal. There are still 15 days left in the campaign, so there is still some time left to donate. Here's what writer-director Erick Solis had to say about the project.

"Night Run is my massive love letter to the 1980's and its awesome action movies. The film follows Daniel McKormack, a man who resurrects from his grave on a Halloween night seeking revenge on the men who murdered him a year prior. Follow Daniel as he teams up with the town's Sheriff, featuring car chases, synth music and 80's imagery way to rad to be typed in a single sentence. So what are you waiting for? Be part of the greatest 80's film that never was and get your name in the credits!"

The writer-director also reveals on the IndieGogo page that he wrote the first outline for the movie in 2013 although he kept putting it on the back burner. As the 1980s era continued to be more and more popular, the project really started to take shape. Casting, script re-writes and location scouting took place last summer, with production commencing on a concept trailer. The filmmaker's goal is to make a movie with the same, "look and feel as an actual film shot in 1985, from the costume design, the films score and direction, without trying to over stylize the visuals." Here's the official synopsis below.

"The year was 1985, Daniel McCormack was like any other man, dreaming of sports cars and a brighter future with his girlfriend, Jennifer. One night Daniel stops an assault on several civilians by the notorious Kano Gang who have been overpowering the city of Santa Mira. Unfortunately, Daniel's bravery is short lived as he is murdered by Johnny, the gang's leader. A year later, on a thunderous October night, Daniel rises from his grave seeking revenge on the men who took his life, his future and his dreams. This is NIGHT RUN."

Along with these exclusive photos, you can check out the video from the film's IndieGogo campaign, along with another promo trailer below and a soundtrack teaser. Night Run still has a long way to go to meet its $28,000 goal, so if you want to donate, you still have just over two weeks to do so. You can visit the IndieGogo page for more details on the project, including perks for backers. While we wait for more updates, take a look at the photos and videos from Night Run below.

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