Thanks to Hewes Pictures, we have an exclusive clip from Brando Benetton's upcoming spy thriller Nightfire to share today. The short film was written and directed by Benetton and Los Silva. While it's billed as a short, it's more of a mid-length, as it clocks in at 43 minutes long. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the project over the past few months and it's finally almost here. The white-knuckle thriller, which was produced by a group of friends from Ithaca college, debuts on streaming platforms, including Hulu and Amazon, May 1st via Hewes Pictures.

Nightfire centers on two American agents (Lorenzo Pisoni and Greg Hadley), who are hired to retrieve military chips containing a large sum of government money. Their plan goes awry when an unexpected political prisoner (Dylan Baker) enters the picture. The two soon learn that their mission isn't about freedom. Instead, greed is at the root. Veteran actor Baker (Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy) stars as Olivetti and he delivers a strong performance in our brief exclusive look at the movie.

In addition to Dylan Baker, Lorenzo Pisoni, and Greg Hadley, Nightfire also stars Bradley Stryker, Francesco Pannofino, and Becky Ann Baker. Baker was recently interviewed about her experience working on the movie. "It was so much fun," she reveals. "We filmed it in Verona, Italy, so we were there for a few weeks. The city was amazing. There is so much history there and it was just beautiful." Verona is also where the 2008 James Bond entry, Quantum of Solace was shot.

Becky Ann Baker went on to reveal what it was like working with Nightfire director Brando Benetton. "We had a great time. We've known Brando Benetton for a long time, and I am a big fan of his for many years now," she said. She went on to talk about Benetton's process, noting, "Brando was able to use drones and other things to create great images. He is young and he's a terrific guy." From the looks of things, the director was able to a lot with very little when constructing the movie.

Brando Benetton, director of the feature American Bullet previously, is a French filmmaker who also has a few other shorts under his belt. Nightfire is produced by Benetton with Federico Fabiano and Kristine Tsui. This is the fifth student-short production from Benetton, who made the movie in an incredibly short amount of time. The cast and crew took only 14 days to shoot everything and it does not look like it at all. This looks like a big screen ready blockbuster with some impressive effects and innovative shots. Part of the crisp look is credited to the Red Epic Dragon cameras that were used on set, along with the decision to go with non-CGI practical effects. Everything shown here is real, teasing a promising career for Brando Benetton. You can check out the exclusive clip from Nightfire above.