Halloween is just around the corner and that means that The Nightmare Before Christmas will start being very present, probably through Christmas. That being the case, the latest Honest Trailer is taking aim at the Tim Burton classic. Or is it really a Tim Burton classic? That is one of the main questions the video addresses.

The video was uploaded to the Screen Junkies YouTube channel recently and even if it isn't as harsh as some of their Honest Trailers, it makes some very good points. For one, the movie is billed as Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. The confusing part of that is, he didn't direct, write or seemingly do any of the heavy lifting for the movie. It was produced and "conceived" by Tim Burton, but it was actually directed by Henry Selick.

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One of the main jokes in this latest Honest Trailer plays on the fact that Hot Topic likes to sell an awful lot of Nightmare Before Christmas related merchandise. That leads to the best gag in the video, with Screen Junkies gang reworking the lyrics to "This is Halloween." Instead, they turned the song into something called "We Keep Hot Topic in Business," which is kind of brilliant. They also take a stab at "What's This?" which is equally on point.

It seems like the aesthetic of The Nightmare Before Christmas tends to align more Halloween than Christmas, but it is kind of a movie for both holidays. The video jokingly compares it to Die Hard and Gremlins, both of which are movies that are kind of Christmas movies, but also something else entirely. They also make a really good joke about Sally being every goth Hot Topic shoppers first crush.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was released in 1993 and did ok at the box office, bringing in $75 million. The movie has since gone on to become a massive cult classic and has made a fortune on merchandise, much of which was (and probably still is) sold at Hot Topic. In fairness, the video does point out that this is a well-made and enjoyable movie, but there are definitely some things worth taking a jab or two at. Be sure to check out the Honest Trailers take on The Nightmare Before Christmas for yourself below.