Three years ago, Warner Home Video released A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection on Blu-ray. This set contained all seven movies in the hit horror franchise, along with most of the bonus features that have been compiled from the various home video releases over the years. However, that collection missed a few bonus features that were originally put together for an obscure Laserdisc release, which includes a deleted scene that drops quite a big bombshell.

This deleted scene, which was posted on YouTube more than six years ago but has just started making the rounds today, features Marge Thompson (Ronee Blakley) explaining who Freddy Krueger really was, to her daughter Nancy (Heather Langenkamp). Most of this footage was included in the original theatrical cut, where Nancy explains how Fred was released on a technicality, which lead to several parents taking matters into their own hands by killing Krueger themselves. Marge even shows Nancy Freddy's glove that she took from him after he was murdered. In this deleted scene, though, just before Marge shows Nancy the iconic weapon, she reveals a shocking piece of information. Nancy had a sibling who was killed by Freddy.

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We don't know if Nancy had a brother or sister, but Marge reveals that Krueger also killed the siblings of Glen (Johnny Depp), Rod (Jsu Garcia) and Tina (Amanda Wyss). This scene helps explain why Marge and Donald (John Saxon) would even be involved in the killing Freddy in the first place, giving the parents a motive for destroying this predator. It also gives Nancy extra motivation for taking on Krueger as well, to avenge the death of the sibling she never knew.

This scene was originally released for the first time on Elite Entertainment's 1996 Laserdisc Collector's Edition of A Nightmare on Elm Street. The extra scene were also included in a VHS Collector's Edition as well, but it hasn't surfaced at all since then. It's quite rare that a scene which has such a major impact on the story was only included on two obscure home video releases.

A Nightmare on Elm Street writer-director Wes Craven tragically passed away last August at the age of 76, so, unless this scene was discussed in some long-lost interviews, we may never know why it was cut from this classic horror movie. Regardless of why it was cut, it certainly does add an interesting layer to the story of A Nightmare on Elm Street. There is another A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot in development, so perhaps this new version will put this deleted scene into play, if the project ever moves forward. Take a look at this scene below, and stay tuned for more updates on the reboot.