Some say that A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is the best of the franchise and for others, it saw a beloved character begin his downfall. So, when a group of the original Dream Warriors cast members reunited at New Jersey's Chiller Theatre Convention, it was kind of a big deal, no matter what your feelings are about the horror classic. The third installment of the iconic NIghtmare on Elm Street franchise came out in February of 1987 and it cemented Freddy Krueger as a pop culture icon. Fans were able to see where Freddy came from and launched the Dream Warriors, who were much more than just cattle being led to slaughter.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Dream Warriors, Heather Langenkamp (Nancy), Ira Heiden (Will), Penelope Sudrow (Jennifer), Jennifer Rubin (Taryn), and Rodney Eastman (Joey) all attended the Chiller Theatre Convention and took time out to recreate one of the greatest pieces of promotional material released for the third installment in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. The actors, minus Robert Englund and Patricia Arquette, recreated the famous Dream Warriors poster that imitated John Hughes' Breakfast Club, and the results are fantastic.

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While the first two installments of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise saw Freddy Krueger as a hideous looking killer, an evil dream demon, and something to be feared at all times, Dream Warriors began to make Freddy a little campy. Without the movie, Freddy Krueger would have been left in the horror bins and not the pop culture icon that we all know and love today, which is good and bad, depending on how you look at it. As it turns out, Freddy Krueger was never the same after uttering, "Welcome to primetime, bitch!" But, Dream Warriors brought the horror genre into the mainstream and we got a kickass theme song and video courtesy of Dokken.

For all of the good the Dream Warriors has done for the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and horror in general, Robert Englund initially dreamt up his own version of what the third movie was going to be about, but it never came into fruition. Englund revealed in a recent interview that he had a different direction that he wanted to take the franchise and it started back at the beginning. Englund said, "I worked on my own draft for Part 3. Mine would've been about a sister. If Tina had a sister, and Tina's sister would come to solve it." That's right, Robert Englund wanted to bring in the sister of Tina Gray, the very first victim in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Obviously Robert Englund's idea didn't happen and instead we saw Freddy Krueger up against Nancy Thompson and the Dream Warriors in a mental hospital. It's hard to believe that Dream Warriors is 30-years old, but then again, it's left its stamp on nearly every horror movie to come out since then and changed the game. Check out the Dream Warriors reunion picture below, courtesy of Heather Langenkamp's Twitter account.